Butterfly dancer costume. 

Fictional character inspired by Chinese and Japanese butterfly kites, performing the role of a dancer who travels with the circus, training butterflies to dance and move around her.

I used elements from the colours and shapes of the kites as a starting point for my design. The trousers and the scallops on the sleeves, as well as the butterflies on wires, serve to portray the role she plays.

18th Century, Poldark  inspired costume. 

Produced for a live brief collaboration with TR2 Plymouth for use during the 2020 Mayflower event.

Designed and made for theatrical purpose. Full length pleated skirt, wool bodice with hook and eye fastenings down centre front, and spiral boning. Can be used with supporting stomacher underneath.

African inspired tribal mask.

Moulded on plaster face cast (cast with alginate and modrock). 

Mask made from thermoplastics and painted using acrylic.

Half size toque hat

Made using theatrical buckram, domet and real and synthetic silk.

This hat was part of a project (including the wooden bag and wire wings), and the character was inspired by a variety of objects from a suitcase belonging to its former owner. 


Theatrical tiara made using millinery wire, wrapping wire, spring wire and cord.

Decorated using net, beads and sequins. There was no brief for this accessory other than to learn the skills needed to make it. 

Victorian Hourglass Corset


Eyelet lacing, flossing, spirals and boning, front busk fastening

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Completed at the end of A-Level Textiles - Inspired by Queen Titania in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. 

Using the script as my original source of inspiration, this design is intended for use in a modern production of the show. 

The use of purples and gold represent her status as royalty and along with the glitter and handmade flowers show her characters role as a fairy queen.


Inspired by the patterns and meanings of stained glass windows. I wanted to show the life and colour in both traditional and modern Church, expressing it in a new and eye-catching way.

Starting right back at the basics and using paint and folding paper in half to print it on the other side, which I developed in photoshop and manipulated it until it still loosely resembled it's original shape, but also had other shapes within in - doves and people kneeling and praying. 

'FAIR'y Boiler Suit

This piece of art was inspired by the attitudes and opinions towards women surrounding the idea of the ideal 'housewife'. Intended as a statement for today, I researched the views of a woman in the 1950s, comparing it to today, and was shocked to see many of the same stereotypes remaining. 

The idea behind this was to use a very stereotypical male boiler suit and embellish it with cleaning products associated with women. The main focal for the work was the large fairy logo on the back only saying FAIR - implying the complete opposite. The intention was to question the stereotypes and highlight to society that although progress has been made in the right direction, there are still many areas that need to be evaluated. 

Wuthering Heights

This house was made by printing textured wallpaper and card into clay, before firing it in the kiln. The piece was inspired by the extract from the novel and has an excerpt from chapter 3 inscribed in the base tile. 

The background was created by compiling a selection of photos I took from visiting the location and house that inspired Emily Bronte, and transferring it to cut in lino.